Digestive Disease Clinic

The significance of digestive system is the same or say, much more than to fuel tank of a car. It starts with the esophagus the food pipe to the anal canal. Each and every centimeter of such a long system is important for nutrition, immunity and millions of other chemical production.

Esophagus, Stomach, Duodenum, Pancreas, Liver, Gall bladder and billiary system, Small intestine, Large Intestine, rectum and anal canal are the chief parts of the system. Any organ system can get damaged by genetic defects, trauma, infection, autoimmunity or tumors so does the Digestive system.

We are the master surgeons to Digestive disorders and treating all the ailments associated with Digestive System.

The commoner disorders of Digestive System seen in our society are hiatus hernia and reflux disease, stomach ulcers and its complications, gall bladder stones and its complications, Acute pancreatitis, Chronic pancreatitis, cirrhosis of liver, portal hypertension, small bowel adhesions, cancers of esophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas, large intestine, peri-anal problems- fissure, hemorrhoids, fistula, prolapsed rectum, various hernias etc.

The specialized GI issues like complications of previous surgeries, multisystem involvement, trauma to liver and pancreas, pseudocyst of pancreas, rarer tumors of GI system like GIST, carcinoid tumors, metastatic tumors of liver, obesity and metabolic surgery etc are our specialized areas of interest.

Our patient evaluation style follows the most methodical way taught through generations of medical teachings. After thorough history taking and detailed examination, we put diagnosis and then to reinforce that we prescribe the investigations exactly in logical order. After that we design the perfect management plan keeping in view patient’s disease state, other health issues, socio-economic condition etc.