The warmth of their hands and kind words worked much more than medicines. I thank both of my saviors.

I was operated near my home town for intestinal perforation, simply say puncture in my gut. I was fine initially but my condition started deteriorating very fast on 7th day of surgery. There was high grade fever, breathing like hell and scared to see stool flowing out of my abdominal wall. It was a ghastly day. My relatives were instructed by my surgeon to shift him immediately to some bigger center to save my life. Entire family got worried and confused what to do in such a critical situation? They contacted one of our relatives who is a renowned doctor of city of Ahmedabad. He immediately told my family to contact Dr. Vismit Joshipura and Dr. Amit Shah. Family was very worried about expenses too as already thousands of rupees were spent on my first surgery. My family shifted me immediately to Ahmedabad under Dr. Joshipura and Dr. Shah. I was in such a bad condition that I was not even aware that where I am being taken!

Now, my life was in hands of two young Gastrosurgeons who were completely unknown to my family. But in only first 10 minutes my family members realized that I am in safe hands. My new surgeons took over the case and took very fast and very accurate decisions and executed in most diligent manner including putting me on mechanical ventilator, large venous lines and prepared me for an emergency surgery as the stool was flowing out like a river from my abdominal stitches.

I was operated in late evening and given a life saving intestinal stoma, means they constructed a safe passage of stool on my abdominal wall. My crucial time was in postoperative period as still my body was in full blown infection but as the source of infection was controlled surgically, with God’s grace my recovery was reasonably fast and I started taking my own breaths by 3rd postoperative day. I got discharged happily on 10th postoperative day and I was called up again after 2 months at Vivaan hospital and my second surgery was performed to restore the intestinal continuity. On 4th postoperative day of my second surgery, my surgeons thanked me for guiding them to park their cars in the compound of Vivaan!!!

When I look back, I think the most important thing which saved my life was the rapid and accurate decision making and its razor sharp execution for the critical condition and for recovery, the warmth of their hands and kind words worked much more than medicines. I thank both of my saviors. I and my family members got life time friends too.