I got severe acute pancreatitis in 2014 and prior to that I have never imagined how deadly a disease can be!

I am Deepak Agarwal from Nagpur. We have family food business in Nagpur and my story is a story of how rough patch of life sweeps away your fortune and how your destiny lead you to an unfamiliar city in unknown doctors’ hands and life gets a positive turn from its lowest possible point.

I got severe acute pancreatitis in 2014 and prior to that I have never imagined how deadly a disease can be! For those who do not know what severe acute pancreatitis is, let me explain in nutshell. Our pancreas- the organ responsible for production of all powerful chemicals of digestion, gets out of control and leads to plethora of complications. It is the deadliest disease of digestive system.

Initially, I took treatment locally but as my health worsened very fast, I was shifted to one of the best centers for the digestive diseases at Hyderabad. There a big team of doctors treated me. There were infective fluid collections which were drained, there was severe bleeding that almost showed me gates of heaven. They treated me well but still I was gripped by one or the other complications of either pancreatitis or its treatments. My spleen got infracted and there was an abscess and along with that left lung came under threat. Almost 7 months passed by in the mind wrenching treatments. Family disturbed, business ruined, savings swept away.

One of my relatives informed me to have a visit to Ahmedabad as he had deep faith in Ahmedabad doctors and I got operated for left lung at a corporate hospital. Still my problem was at the same level. Same fever, same pain and same fluid discharge from a side hole.

Here came Dr. Vismit Joshipura and Dr. Amit Shah in picture. Dr. Joshipura was called up to treat my infracted pus ridden spleen and he even posted me for the surgery next day also but I don’t know either his brain storming or almighty himself induced him to postpone my surgery and he himself took samples of the fluid being drained from my side holes and got checked in labs and correctly diagnosed that actually I was suffering not from the pus in the spleen but I was suffering from pancreatic fistula. Oh, What a sigh of relief!! That at least I got a correct diagnosis after suffering for 8 months.

Now he carved out my management plan in perfect manner and his extremely good humane approach lead me to trust a completely stranger doctor in a completely unknown city. Initially, he gave me attempt of conservative management which is always a path chosen by a good doctor prior to jumping in for surgery.

My continuous fluid output from side hole and fever stopped completely with the treatment in a week and I got discharged from hospital. After a month or so, I started coughing out large quantity of dirty sputum. Pulmonologist diagnosed that there is unnatural connection between my air passages and the space around the lungs. Dr. Joshipura added to my diagnosis that actually the pancreatic juices have traversed the diaphragm, entered the space around the left lung and then corroded the air passages and coming out through coughing- a pancreatico-pleuro-broncho fistula. This situation calls for surgery on lungs and pancreas simultaneously- a very high risk.

For us the real challenge was finance because such long and expensive treatments have completely swept away savings of all my family relatives also and nobody was ready to lend us money. There was a time when we were in position to help others financially and now we were requesting to our distant relatives for the financial help. Me and my brother explained the situation to Dr. Joshipura. He just smiled in cool manner and said. ” Money is not a big issue, let me take you to a trust hospital, I routinely treat my patients there on concessional rates and rest assured there will not be a single change in quality of care from my side.”

Dr. Vismit Joshipura and Dr. Amit Shah performed surgeries for pancreas and lungs simultaneously with help of a kind thoracic surgeon.

I gradually recovered from such major surgeries and discharged from hospital.

Finally, we went to meet my doctors at Vivaan hospital to say good bye as I was completely recovered and returning back to Nagpur-my home town which I left for my illness almost 10 months ago in desperate situation but now returning with lots of hopes for the new life ahead.

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