Sunil Mazmudar

I wish to share my experience with Vivaan   hospital and our interaction with Dr.  Vismit P. Joshipura   in particular. I was operated for my intestinal condition 10 months ago at another renowned hospital in Ahmedabad but my condition was worsening. I was loosing weight and energy rapidly. I and my family were very much concerned over my condition  and had approached Dr. Vismit Joshipura and Dr. Amit Shah. After studying my past history and reports in depth they explained the situation with great clarity to me and my family and the proposed method of surgery and treatment.  The estimated cost of surgery and treatment was also shared with us at that time.  We found the staff of the hospital extremely co-operative and supportive and gave no reason to complain at any time. At the time of getting discharge very happily from hospital, I thought that now I hadlanded up at right place. I have visited the hospital for consultancy many times and would highly recommend this hospital for patients who would want a prompt and personal attention and the best treatment. 

SUNIL MAZMUDAR (9824302841)